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Marriage in Helsingør

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It might be possible to be married at the Town Hall in Helsingør.

We recommend that you inquire with your respective authorities to make sure if a marriage contracted in Denmark would be valid in your own country.

The following certificates and documents which are not found in Danish, German or English, have to be translated into one of these languages.

Each of the parties have to show the below mentioned original documents:

  • Birth certificate 
  • House registration – as documentation for your address in your home country 
  • Certificate of civilian state – as documentation for your civilian status 
  • Passport as well as valid visa or residence permit 
  • If your entry into Denmark does not require visa or residence permit your entry will be on the same terms as a tourist (3 months residence). In this case you have to show your travel tickets or similar papers as a documentation for your date of arrival in Denmark

If you have been married before:
Your divorce decree has to be approved by our county. 

Please make sure that the divorce decree is supplied with a stamp from which it appears that the divorce decree is valid.  

Persons who have been married, and whose marriage has ceased by death, must have a death certificate and a certificate from the probate division of court, so that there are no risks at all to a second marriage.

Concerning approval of a foreign divorce or death certificate and civilstatus, we draw your attention to the fact that our county authorities in certain cases might demand that the certificates are legalized by the Ministry of Profession and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country as well as by the Danish representation on the spot.

Some countries will make legalization by Apostille stamp.(Convention de la Haye)

Other conditions
You have to stay in Helsingør for 3 days and nights before you can get married. (Does not count weekends).

The marriage demands two witnesses, and you are very welcome to bring these people along. The town hall has also got witnesses at your disposal except on Saturdays.

The date of a possible wedding cannot be determined until later.

You should expect a period of 4 weeks for the handling of your case.

Please call us in time so that a date can be fixed or if you want to require a marriage declaration. Print out a marriage declaration (called Notice of marriage) from here.

You can pay when you arrive. The fee is DKK 500,- 

Opdateret 23. september 2013